Monday, 24 July 2017

{ begins}

Today I remembered that I am living in Germany.

Today I realised that nearly all of my friends are leaving the country in a week.

Today I woke up tired and uninspired.

Today I decided to start blogging again.


Currently on my mind:

  • my syntax test tomorrow
  • if I should go out clubbing tonight, because it's everyone's last hoorah (spoiler: I almost certainly will)
  • that guy and if I should say anything
  • how the international office at the Bürgerbüro is understaffed, and that I therefore have to wait for my residency permit


Presently I am sitting in the university with Alyssa, waiting for our class to start at 15:15. I am watching a pigeon two pigeons bob around the upstairs area of the A block. The weather is a lot cooler than it has been recently, cloudy and around twenty degrees. I would say that I find this surprising for July, but in fact I have to keep reminding myself that it should be is summer right now. The thunderstorms and hail we have been getting seem more like July to me. 

Ich denke, dass ich etwas in Deutsch auch schreiben sollte. Also, wenn du neu bist, solltest du kennen, dass ich eine Austausch Studentin in Deutschland bin. Ich komme aus Neuseeland, und ich war hier seit 6 Monate, und ich bleibe für noch 6 Monate. Mein Grammatik ist nicht so gut, aber ich versuche. Ich denke hoffe, das ist gut genug.